Before You CryoNCC Octagon - Cropped


When you arrive for your first cryotherapy experience, we’ll ask some quick questions about your medical history and your “cryo goals” -- or what you hope to achieve with cryotherapy. We’ll review our procedures and safety measures, and ask you to sign required paperwork. (This waiver also can completed online when you register & book before you arrive.)

Then we'll escort you to one of our private changing rooms.  We provide thermal socks, slippers, and gloves that will protect your extremities – along with a nice, fluffy robe for before and after your session.  You’ll undress into undergarments (or shorts, bathing suit, or similar items). Please note that you and your clothing must be completely dry. Then you’ll step across the hall and your Cryo Experience begins!


Your Cryo Experience

When you enter the Cryo Room, the Impact Cryosauna will be pre-cooled and ready for you. You'll step into the "Black Octagon" and hand us your robe over the top. Once we hit the start button, you'll be surrounded by the dry nitrogen vapor that triggers your body's healing response to the cold. We'll chat with you throughout the session, keeping your mind off the cold, and focused on the benefits to come!

You'll hear the machine beep every so often. This is a safety feature that is unique to the Impact Cryosauna. Every 31 seconds, our technician must click a button to confirm your session is still in progress. If the technician does not click the button for any reason, the machine and gas shut off automatically. The cryosauna door also opens from the inside, allowing you to exit at any time.

During the one to three minute session, your skin temperature will drop rapidly, triggering the body to send blood rushing to your core. Because this is so quick and so cold, your core temperature drops only slightly, making the re-warming process much faster than with a traditional ice bath. As the blood circulates through your vital organs, you'll likely feel some tingling in your arms and legs -- this is perfectly normal. You'll be able to move them, and to rotate in the sauna during your treatment.

Octagon_04152016After You Cryo


When your session finishes, we’ll hand you your robe, and you’ll exit the Octagon. Your body will quickly re-warm, and the natural healing begins. The renourished, rejuvenated blood will flood back into your extremities, bringing with it a rush of endorphins and nutrients. From check in to finish, your visit should last no more than 15 minutes. You’ll be clean, dry and ready to go – and you’ll leave feeling energized, refreshed, and be on your way to reducing pain and inflammation!